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Items I Recommend

 Items that I use & recommend

 Vitamins and Supplements that we Recommend

These are the supplements I add to my feeding program.

This following product can be purchased at:

Kitty Bloom VM 900+3

This company has several different supplements depending on the need of your kitty. Check out their website for details on each product:


The following product can be purchased at:

               Grizzly Salmon Oil

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, made by Grizzly Pet Products, never farmed

High levels of EPA and DHA long chained fatty acids for immediate absorption by cells

Made in USA using only USA caught wild salmon, never imported

16oz and up, 1 pump = .7 teaspoon or 3.5cc

We have also found that raw chicken drumsticks are excellent for cleaning their teeth but most people won’t feed them as they do make a mess on the floor.  To us it is worth the mess as the floor can be cleaned and the drum sticks really help to clean their teeth which we think is much better than having them go through painful dental surgery.


Other Useful Items to have on hand

(1)    Toys safe to use. I know these don’t look cute and fuzzy but with a Savannah they love to chew. It is much safer to use strong dog toys instead of Cat items. I have a few Savannah’s that don’t chew but if they do swallow a toy, plastic, towel etc they can DIE or you will have to have surgery on them. They love the toys below as well as a plan paper bag or box! You can use soft toys when they are kittens but NOT when adults. If you do give a kitten a soft toy..take it AWAY at the first sign of wear or tear!


(2)  Toys NOT safe to use or to use ONLY with supervision!  Please make sure that you don’t get soft rubber dog or cat toys that they can chew up and swallow!  They love the sticks with feathers.It is ok for you to play with them but don’t let them chew it up. Also, I don’t like the ones that have the string that is stretchy. They grab it and you can’t get it back from them so look for the non stretchy ones. Also, be careful with tennis balls. Usually they are safe but sometimes they will chew right through them!!


Bitter Apple: This product is great for deterring them from chewing on things! You can find it at any pet store.


White Vinegar:  This is what you should add to any squirt bottle that you use. You need to use ONLY WHITE vinegar. It is safe and will not harm them but please just use a little as it stings if it gets in their eyes.