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2015 Tristan & Shannon R. (Dakota F2 female)

Never in my life have I had such an enjoyable experience as the one I have had with this amazing exotic cat breeder. I am now the very proud owner of the healthiest, calmest most gorgeous Savannah cat I could ever dream of owning and it was all made possible by a very special lady. She not only raises the most exquisite cats but shows the true compassion and expertise to make sure they are safely placed in the right home. I couldn’t be more pleased with this whole experience and am so very grateful to Cynthia! She is always there to answer any questions or provide knowledge even to this day, Cynthia is just a phone call or email away. She has an amazing one of a kind cattery. Thanks again Cynthia for everything. You are an amazing person and we are so glad we found our baby girl Dakota through you!

Tristan & Shannon R.

 Dakota 10 months old



Hannah  (Blue F2 Female)

In the Spring of 2015, I began looking into getting a Savannah cat and came across Exotic Hybrid Cats through an online search. When I saw pictures of Cynthia’s current litter of F2 kittens on her website, I completely fell in love with them and reached out to her about purchasing one. She responded quickly and answered all of my questions kindly and clearly. After several conversations with Cynthia, I moved forward with the process of buying a kitten from her litter and she made all of the travel arrangements for my little girl! Cynthia was so attentive to my needs and my kittens needs during this process, and she made sure that I knew exactly what to expect when I finally picked up my kitten from the airport. In addition, I was so thankful that Cynthia continued to check in on us weeks and months later to see how we were doing and if we had any questions. I could not be happier with the entire process and Cynthia’s overall professional and caring demeanor.


My little girl, named Blue, is such an amazing blessing to have in my life. When she first came home at 3 months old, she was barely larger than my hand! Now, Blue is long and lean and continues to grow like a weed! She is even bigger than my other cat, a 2-year-old DSH tabby named Zephyr. Blue is energetic, confident, and talkative. She follows me around the house and is always by my side. She is always excited when I come home after work, and usually greets me by rubbing against my calves and meowing happily. At bedtime, she cuddles up next to me and sleeps through the entire night! Blue and Zephyr grew to love each other, and now they are constantly playing together, chasing each other, wrestling, or bathing each other between naps. I cannot wait to see how much Blue continues to grow, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from us!



Blue                                                     Zephyr & Blue





Jesse W. (Elvis F3 Male)


I had a great experience dealing with Exotic Hybrid Cats. I got my first Savannah cat two years and I loved him so much, I recently got another Savannah kitten. I would definitely recommend Cynthia and Exotic Cats to anyone who wants a beautiful exotic cat.



Elvis F3 Male 6 mos old and 15 lbs!            Ceasar F3 Male (Brother)





Jesse A. ( Kioni F1 Male)

Hello to everyone considering in purchasing a Savannah. My name is Jesse, and I always wanted an f1 Savannah male. I already had an f2 from a different breeder, the experience with them wasn’t that well. I came across Cynthia and she had two babies a boy and a girl about two weeks old. I jumped on board asap, and she made a payment plan with me (I'm not rich) lol. She was amazing, I met her Serval’s and other Savannah's, and we became close friends. I even took scuba classes from Steve ( her fiancé). Kioni (my f1) is now 8 months old and weighs 17lbs pretty big, considering they grow til 2.5-3yrs old. I live in southern California, and me and Kioni drive to Vegas to take Kioni to see his sister and family still. Cynthia is an amazing person that loves her cats and will be there well after you buy your furry friend, if questions or concerns arise. 

 Kioni 10 Months




Wendy P. (Nyx F6 Female & Juliet F3 Female)

I am so thankful to you for allowing us to adopt Nyx and Juliet. They have brought so much happiness into our lives we will be forever grateful to you. Adopting Juliet as an adult I was hesitant, but thankfully trusted your experience. It took a little longer to establish trust with Juliet, but now she follows me everywhere...she is even a lap cat on occasion. She is the sweetest thing.
Nyx was definitely our cat from the beginning. When we picked her up from the airport, employees placed her on the counter, when I started talking she started meowing and purring immediately. On the way home that day I placed my hand in the cage because she was wanting out, she purred and fell asleep with her head in my hand. Nyx is now 7 months old and thinks she owns the house. She prances around with her tail high in the air all the time. She tells my husband what to do constantly, which is hilarious.
I am grateful for all of the information you gave us and your recommendations when various issues came up, you were always there to help. Savannah's are not like normal cats, I feel like our success with these two girls was due to your expertise. Thank you again!
Wendy P. (Nyx F6 Female & Juliet F3 Female)

Nyx                                                    Juliet



 March 2016 Yana A. (F2 Female Halle)

A few days ago I bought an F2 kitten from ExoticHybridCats. I’m so in love with her. She is the sweetest and most beautiful kitten I've ever seen. I highly recommend ExoticHybridCats if you want a pure breed Savannah than this is the place to buy one. You're the best breeder, very professional and you have the best kittens. I'll be back soon for one more! Thank you so much.

Yana A. 





2016 Erik R (Kojo F2 Male)

It was with a little trepidation and genuine concern when I purchased Kojo, my new F2b Savannah cat from Exotic Hybrid Cats (EHC) recently but Cynthia and Steve at Exotic Hybrid cats laid my worries to rest!!!!!!!  I have two big Ragdoll cats, my 12 year old Blue Point Mitted Bozo and my 2 year old Lynx Point named Sketcher, who has established my 1000 sq. ft. condominium as their own personal playground/domain.  I feared the worse introducing a cat that was not only 1/3 wild Serval but a very high energy cat into the group. I had done my research on the Savannah’s and knew what I was getting myself into and when I spoke with Cynthia and Steve at EHC they reassured me that this would work out nicely…….  Well, as you can see by the pictures, my fears have been alleviated and the harmony between cats unbelievable.  A true testimony to the gentle and loving disposition of Cynthia and Steve’s Savannah cats!!!!  After two weeks of quarantine from the other cats, I opened the door and after a little hissing, growling and spitting for a few days (very normal with those Serval genes), the 3 cats are now best friends.  Kojo is the most loving, loyal little cat I have ever had and you ought to see him play fetch, he will go on for an hour!!!!(Thank you Steve, for taking the time to teach him how to fetch).  He loves to wrestle with my 2 year old, Sketcher, and the two cannot get enough of each other, and they are best buddies now.  When play time is over you will find him sitting in my lap incessantly trying to lick my hands and face.  He is such a lover!!!!  I must say, my fears were unfounded. These Savannah’s love people, other animals, toys and anything that moves, and they follow you around just like a dog.  Cynthia and Steve will insure that when you take your new baby home, you will do so with confidence.  Cynthia taught me everything from how to maintain his raw food diet to trimming claws while he sleeps and even provided me with a meat grinder and 2 weeks’ worth of already ground meat too!!!! Both Steve and Cynthia take an active part in hand raising these little babies into the most loving Savannah’s you will ever see.  They also love to see pictures of their former babies too.  Nice to know they don’t just sell you a cat and disappear.  I would highly recommend EHC if you are seriously shopping for a Savannah Cat.  It’s not just the quality of the kittens; it’s also the quality of the breeder that makes EHC’s Savannah’s a RECOMMENDED BUY!!!!!!!   

Erik R Los Angeles, CA

        Kojo                                                            Kojo & Sketcher



2016 Tammy D. (F3 Female Sarah)

I just wanted you to know.  I let Sarah out of the bathroom last night. She is already playing with Piper. She checks in with me often. She always knows where I am. I sit on the floor and she crawls all over me sucking and kneading and kitties kisses then off she goes. In a little while she is back again. She is such a good kitten I tell her no she quits then off to the next thing.  You are an awesome breeder!  She is so well mannered and she is such a lover. I can't thank you enough she is so perfect. I could not imagine life without her already!  Tammy Pahrump